International French School of Amman
Birthplace of great minds


A note from management

It's September 2015 and the transformation of the LFA is now complete. Our little school has grown! The high school moved into a new building in 2013; the elementary school renovation was finished in 2014, and modern facilities are available from pre-school to 12th grade. All these changes mean that the school offers its students optimal conditions for teaching and learning. 

Apart from the buildings, we also offer a French, English and Arabic multilingual project that focuses on the progressive learning of several languages and their cultures from the last year of pre-school. This ambitious project created meticulously in 2013 and launched at the start of the 2014 academic year is now proving successful at the start of the 2015 year. Knowledge of foreign languages opens doors around the world, allows us to understand others and their differences, and to adapt to diversity. It is also a valuable asset for studies and future careers.
The future of the young people in our care is what drives our projects and our actions.
A future based on universal human values, a future of solidarity, an environmentally conscious future, a future to be reinvented through innovation and commitment, because this is the 21st century. This is our children’s century.
Albert Camus said, "Real generosity towards the future consists of giving everything to the present."
So we give, we give everything, we give our young people the tools to develop their analytical thinking, a critical mind, a sense of initiative, inventiveness and citizenship.
Prepared in this way, our students ultimately stand out as budding ambassadors. They stand out at the meeting of High School Student Council delegates of all the French high schools worldwide, at the award of Major Excellency Scholarships, and finally when the results of the baccalaureate reveal a 100% pass rate, 86% of which are distinctions.
With a French baccalaureate under their belts, which serves as an international passport and is recognized throughout the world, our students are all accepted into the country and course of their choice – in France, of course, but also in England, Germany, Belgium, the United States, Canada and Lebanon, among others. We are pleased to welcome young people from twenty different nationalities who will remain in contact through the alumni association network of French schools worldwide. We are proud of our joint achievements and confident about the future we plan together.


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