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Administration Board

1) What is the Administration Board?

The LFA is a school which has a partnership with AEFE (The Agency for the French Education Overseas) in order to qualify as an official Overseas French School. The school is managed through a board “(Comite de Gestion”) consisting of six parents elected from the LFA’s parents’ association (“le Conseil D’Administration”), the headmaster (representing AEFE), and two representatives of the French Embassy.
The LFA’s parents’ association Amman is an association registered under French law 1901 and hold a leading role in school management. The performance and sustainability of the LFA are a reflection of the involvement of parents. It is up to each parent to assert its voice in the bodies provided for this purpose, both for the good of his own children as all students of today and tomorrow.
As defined in its articles of association, the LFA’s parents’ association is represented in the Comite De Gestion by six members elected who represents le Conseil D’Administration, which is elected for two years. The General Assembly elect six parents constituting le Conseil D’Administration and to entrust routine decisions.
Le Conseil D’Administration then elected a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
The main responsibilities of le Conseil D’Administration (CA) are:
• The CA shall ensure the application and proper use of the partnership agreement between the LFA and AEFE.
• The CA shall prepare the LFA annual budget taking into account the strategic orientations of the school and the demands of the school councils (conseil d’ecole et conseil d’etablissement)
• The CA submits the budget for approval to the board and ensures that the expenses are in line with the budget and that the financial procedures are followed.
• The President of the CA is also responsible for the LFA in front of the local and French authorities.
• Finally the CA is legally responsible of hiring, define the compensation scale and , manage the carrier of the personal recruited locally (all under the headmaster’s recommendation)

2) 2016/2018 Objectives of the Administration Board

3) Administration Board Newsletter

4) Texts to acknowledge
  - The statutes of the Manager Association 
  - The agreement between the Manager Association and the AEFE 
  - Guide for the correct usage of the agreement



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