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The French School of Amman, according to its school development plan and the needs expressed at the different councils (school, CVL, class and governing boards) has set up several committees: 

Cafeteria Committee

Following recurring observations by the students in School Council meetings and parents on the School Board regarding potential improvements to the external catering service, a catering committee (an elementary school group and a middle/high school group) has been set up and meets regularly to make suggestions to the service provider and ensure follow-up on implementation.

Prevention Committee

In response to various reports, a prevention committee was created in December 2015 and was modeled on the CESCs [Health and Citizenship Education Committee] in French schools; two committees were formed to address the following two areas:
- Anti-social behavior
- Social networks
The committee launches a reflection and action initiative in the area of prevention, which will be part of the citizen course under the reform for the start of the year in 2016.
The objectives set by the committee are as follows:
- To conduct an inventory
- To identify needs
- To propose actions
- To respect the January to June to June calendar
The committee has set actions that are:
- Simple and feasible
- Accessible and legible
- Evaluable
- Participatory: involving parents, teachers and students in developing or participating in actions.

A Communication Committee

A communication committee was set up at the start of the 2015 school year and met on October 13. After a discussion on the LFA's asset mapping and areas for attention, the group has formed 4 committees with a tripartite structure - APE-LFA-parent representatives on the School Board. Each committee uses the school's staff resources.

Choice of committees:
- Website committee: towards updated, multilingual and interactive communication
- Arabic at the LFA: towards known and recognized teaching
- Events: towards visibility and the promotion of events to a targeted public.
- Higher education: the LFA, geared towards an international future
General objectives
- To create a strategy (website – events –materials) for promoting the French system and the visibility of the LFA.
- To create materials covering all the School's assets discussed during the meeting (Results – Guidance – Trilingualism – AES Infrastructure)

Objectives of each committee
- To increase the appeal of the LFA for Jordanian families, among others: To promote advantages and specificities
- To think in terms of visibility (objective: what do we want to show and to whom, how and when?
An action plan will be presented to the School Board at the end of the year.


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