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School Board

The French School of Amman School Board is composed in reference to AEFE Circular No.1894 of July 6, 2012. It determines how the bodies of the French schools abroad are organized and operated under the AEFE.

Members with voting rights

Administration representatives (5 seats)
- The Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Action or his/her representative
- The Principal: Chairman
- The Administration and Finance Manager
- The Main Education Advisor
- The Elementary School Principal

Staff representatives (5 seats)
- 4 teaching and education staff representatives
- 1 representative from the administration, social and service staff

Parent/Student Representatives (5 seats)
- 3 parent representatives
- 2 students

Members serving in an advisory capacity

- The French Consul or his representative
- The Consular Advisor
- Two representatives from the Management Board

How the School Board works

It meets at least once per school term.

The Principal sets the dates and times of the meetings, sends out the meeting notifications at least ten days in advance, which may be reduced to three days in cases of urgency.
The number of members with voting rights must be at least equal to 7 so that the board can sit. If the quorum is not reached, the board gathers once again between the following 8th and 15th day and can validly sit regardless of the number of members present. This period can be reduced to three days in cases of urgency.
The minutes of the meeting, prepared under the responsibility of the Principal, is sent to the Ambassador, the members of the School Board, the management organization and the AEFE.
A secret vote is permitted whenever requested by a member pf the board. Board members are subject to the obligation of discretion.

Responsibilities of the School Board

The School Board is responsible for anything relating to the school's teaching and educational issues.

It shall not replace the Agency management or the manager organization within the areas that they cover.
The school's budget and the financial account are presented to the School Board.
The School Board may, at its initiative or that of the Principal, provide its opinion on any issue relating to school life.
It adopts:
• the school development plan, on a proposal of the School Council and the Secondary School Council
• the internal regulations of the school after consultation with the preparatory bodies (School Council and Secondary School Council)
• the school timetables and the annual school calendar
• the annual careers education plan
• the action plan for training, on a proposal of the continuing education unit
It gives its opinion on:
• the proposal of the job profiles for school staff
• proposals for changes in the educational structures and class composition
• the educational action plans
• the activities program for associations and clubs operating within the school, taking into account temporary authorizations for occupation of the premises
• issues relating to the students' parents reception and information, the general conditions for their participation in school life
• the planning and funding of school trips
• organization of the school office
• the reception and support of students with disabilities

Electing parents

Parent representatives are chosen from lists proportionally according to the highest number of votes obtained by the lists.

Each parent with parental authority has the right to vote and to be elected. Each parent has one vote only regardless of the number of children enrolled in the school.
The lists contain a maximum of twice as many candidates as there are seats available. They may be incomplete, but must include the names of at least 2 candidates.

For the LFA (see table of members with voting rights), parent representatives have 3 seats. The candidate lists must include no more than 6 names and MUST be representative of the elementary, middle and high schools.

Information to parents
Election of the LFA School Council 2017-2018 - result

Reports of previous School Boards




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