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School Council

The School Council of the French School of Amman is composed in reference to AEFE Circular No.1894 of July 6,  2012. It determines the organization and the operation of the bodies of French schools abroad.

Members with voting rights

Representatives of the administration (1 seat)
- The Elementary School Principal

Staff representatives (8 seats)
- 8 teacher representatives (1 per grade)

Parent representatives (8 seats)
- 8 parent representatives

Members serving in an advisory capacity

- The Principal
- The resident IEN or the COCAC
- The Administration and Finance Manager

How the School Council works

The School Council is established for one year and validly convenes until its members are replaced.
The School Council meets for an ordinary session with a specific agenda at least once per term and before the School Board.
It can also meet for an extraordinary session at the behest of the principal or half of its voting members.
The agenda and the preparatory documents are sent to the board members at least 10 days before the meeting date. This period can be reduced to 3 days in the case of emergency.
At the start of each session, the Chairman appoints a meeting secretary and an assistant secretary, responsible for drawing up the minutes. The Assistant Secretary is chosen alternately from the staff and parent representatives.
The report is drawn up by the Chairman, adopted at the next School Council and recorded in a special register kept at the school. A first copy is sent to the School Council annexed to its minutes and a second is displayed in a place accessible to parents.

Responsibilities of the School Council

The School Council votes on the adoption of school rules and regulations following proposals by the Principal.
This Board must be consulted to give its opinion on all issues relating to school life and its operations, and specifically on:
- Educational structures;
- Organizing school time schedules and calendar;
- The school development plan or the elementary school portion of the school development plan on a proposal of the Teachers Board;
- Specific actions to ensure better use of resources allocated to the school and adaptation to its environment;
- Schooling conditions of children with disabilities taking into account local constraints;
- Planning and organizing field trips;
- Issues relating to students' hygiene, health and safety in the school and after-school environment;
- The basic principles underlying the choice of teaching materials and educational tools;
- How parents are received, are informed and participate in school life.

Parent elections

If teaching staff representatives are elected to the School Council by grade, they are nominated by their peers in the same grade.
Parent representatives are chosen from lists proportionally according to the highest number of votes obtained by the lists. For each member, a substitute is elected under the same conditions.
Each list of candidates is ranked in the order of preference that will determine the allocation of seats and includes names without distinguishing between regular or substitute members.
Each parent with parental authority has the right to vote and to be elected. Each parent has one vote only regardless of the number of children enrolled in the school.
The lists contain a maximum of twice as many candidates as there are seats available.
They may be incomplete, but must include the names of at least 2 candidates.
For the LFA (see table of members with voting rights), parent representatives have 7 seats. The candidate lists must include no more than 14 names and represented different grades as much as possible.


The Primary School Council
Election of the LFA Primary School Council 2017-2018 - result

Reports of previous School Councils


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