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Library Rules

The Library is governed by rules that each student must know and respect. This is why the Library Rules are handed out to them at the start of each school year. The Library Rules are available in full at the following link: Library Rules


Find all of our documentary resources on Esidoc, the information platform of the French School of Amman library.

Literary Café

The Literary Café is a place for discussion and exchange about reading. Managed by Ms. Fabienne Dolé, the school librarian, it has become very popular among the students whose numbers have increased with each session. The Literary Café takes place on Mondays and follows a specific schedule that you can find here.
You can also discover the report of each session below.
Séance du 12 octobre 2015
Séance du 5 octobre 2015
Séance du 23 novembre  2015
Séance du 14 décembre  2015
Séance du 4 janvier  2016
Séance du 1er février 2016
Séance du 4 avril 2016

The Documentation Center and Library

The Documentation Center and Library is located on the elementary school site and is for pre-school and elementary school students. A place for reading and cultural activities, the Documentation Center and Library is managed by the elementary school teaching staff.